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About the project


Smart-contract is Ethereum technology, which allows to automatize the obligations fulfillment and to create transparent mechanism for human’s and programs interactions. Fulfillment of the obligations specified in the smart contract are guaranteed by the Ethereum architecture and mechanism.

Results of user’s and smart contract interactions are being permanently saved in the Ethereum blockchain. They are always available for checkups and monitoring and cannot be changed or deleted. It gives unique opportunities for arranging transparent and productive functioning of multiple socio-economic systems.

To start playing it is necessary to install Metamask extension for your browser. It allows organizing interaction between the client browser, Ethereum network and our smart-contract via Uniqlot.bid interface.

Our product

We developed and launched the prototype of unique lottery named “UniqLot”, based on the Ethereum’s smart contract. This type of lottery has never been previously obtained.

Conventional lotteries summarize big amount of contributions from unlimited quantity of participants and allows to win equally big amount of money to very limited group of participants.

High percentage of contribution (up to 50%) transfers to the lottery owner.

Probability of winning conventional lottery is extremely low – thousands and millions of percent shares (around 1 of 7 000 000 for big winning and 1 of 5 for compensational). Probability evaluation is very hard.

Winning logics cannot be calibrated by any participant.

“UniqLot” operates on completely different principles

  • number of contributions in one lot is fixed
  • winning probability is very high (up to 9 to 1)
  • 90-95% of the contribution amount are playing out
  • equally small amount of winning
  • several options of lottery playing with different balance of risks and winnings
  • initial code of smart contract is available at GitHub, its transparency can be checked by any blockchain developer
  • smart contract results are being permanently saved in Ethereum blockchain network

The game is available either at the primary network (Malnnet) or at the Ethereum test network. While Metamask registration, user gets couple of free ETH coins for Testnet to test the play.

Game variations

  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Player 1 0,8 0,4 0,4 0,211
Player 2 0,4 0,4 0,4 0,211
Player 3 0,4 0,4 0,2 0,211
Player 4 0,2 0,4 0,2 0,211
Player 5 0,1 0,1 0,2 0,211
Player 6   0,1 0,2 0,211
Player 7   0,1 0,1 0,211
Player 8     0,1 0,211
Player 9     0,1 0,211
Player 10        


We are team of developers and blockchain enthusiasts, who work in this area for a several years.

The concept of smart contract implies to minimize the usage of human resources and we are currently working on proving it on practice. Trust the code and real numbers instead of authors and promotions. We are convinced that Satoshi Nakamoto’s anonymity didn’t prevent but helped Bitcoin’s spread.

In the country of developers team the legal status of cryptocurrency is still questionable.

However, after settling all the legal issues we don’t exclude the probability of public promotion of the project on our behalf.


Our nearest plans of development using our personal funds and funds of primary investors.

  • to develop and launch operation prototype of “UniqLot” lottery for Mainnet Ethereum completed
  • to initiate internal testing of the product completed
  • to issue QLT tokens completed
  • to post prepaid ads and banners on ‘gambling’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ web resources and to engage new players
  • to test and finalize game functional by using experience of gamblers and crypto-enthusiasts
  • to set loyalty bonus payments for QLT token holders
  • to implement “bounty” rewards system (bounty) for primary game promotion
  • to organize and conduct ICO
  • to list QLT tokens onto exchange
  • to provide generous rewards for QLT tokens holders
  • to launch animated game design with visual and sound effects
  • to develop and launch voting system allowing the QLT token holders to make decisions about game promotion

Further plan of actions, tasks and goals are represented in the “ICO (Crowdsale)” section.

QLT Tokens

Issue of the tokens

Name: Unique Lottery Token (QLT)

Initial tokens quantity: 10 000 000 (10 millions)

Initial token price: 1QLT = 0,1 USD

Token Standard: ERC20

Tokens distribution

  • 2 500 000 QLT (25%) – the fund for the distribution during ICO (Crowdsale)
  • 2 500 000 QLT (25%) – the rewards for developers and initial investors of the project
  • 5 000 000 QLT (50%) – the fund for the maintenance of the system: advertising, costs connected with servers, domains, develop a new lotteries, payouts of bounty as well as other overhead costs.

How to get

There are several ways to get the tokens:

  • to assist testing, developing and promoting the project
  • to purchase tokens at ICO
  • attracting referrals (not implemented yet)
  • to purchase tokens on stock exchanges

Token liquidity

QLT token liquidity is guaranteed by our product when our main product is lotteries. That’s why to maintain tokens economic sense and tokens attractivity, primary emission has been limited to 10 million. Additional emissions won’t be initiated.


Loyalty rewarding system

QLT token itself is an access key to use and mange products at Cryptolots.com. All the loyal users have a privilege of receiving rewards for contributing in project development. Rewards fund is formed by gaming activity in the projects developed by Cryptolots.com. It provides additional encouraging rewards to users for their loyalty.

Initial tokens amount for participating in loyalty rewards share is 1000 QLT. Tokens can be received for Cryptolots.com products usage, contributing to project promotions or participating in project games.

During the project development this amount may vary.

Tokens utility

QLT token grants an opportunity to make profit from holding the lottery proportionally to the quantity of tokens available in holder’s disposition (not less than 1000). Token holders will get an opportunity to affect project development by voting for development, release and modification of new games, launching advertising campaigns, listing on stock exchanges etc. Within the further development of Cryptolots.com, token holders will have a right to participate in sharing the profit of similar lotteries held in different cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, TON) and other platforms. Terms and conditions of such rights are currently being developed.


Reward size:

1 000-3 000 QLT for topic creation + up to 1 500 QLT/month for constant promotion of the topic.

Who can participate:

Users who have account at Bitcointalk forum, good overall performance and activity rank not less than 100.

How to participate

  1. Send us email request at bounty@cryptolots.com or via private message at Bitcointalk forum specifying the language and a links to similar translations.
  2. Wait for verification and approval of your candidacy and assigning to you a separate topic on selected language.
  3. Post translated announcement at the thread indicated for your language.
  4. Set Cryptolots.com logo as your avatar and create a signature with platform name and link to Uniqlot.bid
  5. Send reward request for your translation.
  6. Post at the assigned topic, support users, publish news and updates, and observe interests of our platform. Monthly, after publishing platform announcements and maintaining user account, each participant has to submit a report with results of work (numbers of created posts, comments, readers). According to user’s activity results, user will be receiving up to 1500 QLT. If topic doesn’t have any posts – up top 500 QLT, if has avatar and signature.

QLT tokens come from the funds for system operation maintaining.

  • Chinese 3000 QLT
  • German 1000 QLT
  • French 1000 QLT
  • Italian 1200 QLT
  • Spanish 1200 QLT
  • Portuguese 1200 QLT
  • Arabic 3000 QLT
  • Indonesian 2000 QLT
  • Vietnamese 3000 QLT

Bounty for bloggers and video bloggers

If you own:

  • popular blog or account in social networks with more than 1 000 followers
  • video blog on Youtube with more than 5 000 subscribers
  • good performance rank at one of the forums for gambling or cryptocurrency

Send us request with information of your potential and abilities and link to your profile. After you are successfully approved by our manager, you can either write an overview or make video review of our services.

Compensation for overview varies from 1 to 30 ETH. Compensation amount depends on quality and subject of your source. Compensation pays out from the funds for system operation by QLT tokens in equal to ETH amount, according to current exchange rate.


ICO date has been announced by Cryptolots.com lottery platform. Crowdsale will start on the 1th of October, 2018 at 12:00 GMT and will last for 1 month.

Initial QLT token price will comprise 0.0015 ETH with the price rising every hour in the process of ICO.

During crowdsale it is planned to sell QLT tokens in the amount of $200 000-250 000 in ETH currency according to the rate at the moment of sale that is approximately equivalent to 2 500 000 tokens. ICO will be considered valid if the sum of funds raised reaches at least $100 000 according to ETH rate at the moment of crowdsale.

You can buy QLT tokens here.


We don’t support the idea of collecting millions of dollars for obscure purposes. We consider negative experience of other ICOs where investors didn’t get what they wanted. That’s why we are set real goals and are planning to collect the funds only for definite purposes aimed at achieving the result.

The goals we are planning to achieve using the funds collected in terms of ICO:

  • to launch advertising campaign of the game in the internet and attract at least 3 000 new players;
  • to launch the affiliate program providing the constant traffic of new players;
  • to provide QLT token holders with sustainable loyalty rewards;
  • to enter exchange markets with QLT token;
  • to develop and launch a voting system for QLT token holders allowing its participants to make decisions concerning the game development and promotion;
  • to present animated design of Lottery with visual and sound effects;
  • to develop and launch a set of additional Lottery versions with various types of bets and coins.

Mechanism of implementation:

The mechanism of tokens purchase is quite simple. At the moment of ICO start we will publish the address of the smart contract that sells tokens. In case of depositing no less than 0.15 ETH and no more than 500 ETH, the contract will instantly send the corresponding amount of tokens to Ethereum address used to send the payment. The total amount of purchases using one and the same address is limited and comprises 500 ETH. The acceptance of the funds will finish in 30 days after ICO start and all the tokens are sold.

Distribution of the funds collected:

  • 60% – the fund for carrying out effective advertising campaign of the game
  • 20% – the fund for advancing «Cryptolots» and launching additional versions of the game
  • 20% – the rewards for developers and initial investors of the project

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